About Us


DJ-station was founded by a team of DJ enthusiasts with experience in the landscape. After years of using DJ equipment and even trying our hand at minor live performances, we decided to create this website to help aspiring and professional DJs alike find the best gear in the niche.


With the DJ equipment landscape in constant advancement, we realize how overwhelming it is to reach a decision when you make a purchase, so we make it our purpose to lend you a helping hand. How do we do it? Through reviews and rankings of the best DJ gear available on the market, as well as articles where we share lessons and experiences gathered along the way.



Our reviews provide a complete analysis of the equipment we select, covering aspects like pros, cons, alternatives, pricing, and quality to give you a clear picture of what is put at your disposal. When selecting our options, we do proper research to deliver as much information as possible and share what we have learned with you.



What we always prioritize, aside from personal experience with some products, as well as expert input where we can acquire it, are the opinions of other buyers like you, who share their thoughts and experiences with the products online. For each review, we go through tens, even hundreds of customer reviews with the specific purpose of giving you a truthful depiction of the products put at your disposal.



Our passion for the world of music and desire to help others in their quest to perfect their DJ technique is what motivates us to release new and interesting content for our readers, content that can help you learn new tricks or get the right gear.



At DJ-station, we are fully transparent when it comes to the content we upload both in our articles and our reviews. Our ratings are unbiased, and we don’t let brand name or pricing get in the way of an accurate, truthful review.



We put a lot of work and effort into each article and review released on DJ-station.com and promise to always put your needs and expectations before everything else. It is in our best interest to keep every visitor coming back, so if you have any feedback to offer, whether positive or negative, feel free to contact us so that we can make appropriate changes that comply with the needs of our readers.